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Mobile lift, fixed lift, unloading platform, hydraulic loading bridge

Company Profile

Company Profile

The hometown of China's lifting platform recommended brand " Jinnuo Lift"

Jinan Jinnuo Lifting Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in July 2013 with a registered capital of 10 million yuan. It is a domestic professional manufacturer of mobile lifts, lifting platforms, fixed lifts, lifting platforms, hydraulic bridges, unloading platforms, and non-standard lifting equipment. One of the top ten famous manufacturers of large-scale lifting machinery. Since the establishment of the company for many years, it has always adhered to the goals of "creating a brand of integrity and building a century-old Jinnuo" and "being only a boutique product and being an influential lift in China", focusing on the development and development of hydraulic lifting platforms, lifts and bridges. , Rapid growth in the industry, and lead the development of the industry at the recognized "Jinnuo speed". The company has sophisticated production equipment, advanced and reasonable technology, complete testing methods and strong technical force. The company is located in the beautiful development town of Jinan City, Shandong Province, Jinan City, Shandong Province. Since its establishment, the company has continuously pursued technological progress and committed to products. Innovated, and introduced advanced German technology in 2015 to carry out a comprehensive improvement of all products. The company has more than 20 middle and senior technical staff specializing in product development and improvement. It is equipped with comprehensive test facilities and has Advanced production equipment, advanced and reasonable technology, complete testing equipment, high modern management level and strong design and production capacity in the same industry. The company is located in the beautiful Jincheng Industrial Development Zone, Jinan City, Shandong Province, the hometown of the beautiful spring city. Since its establishment, the company has continuously pursued technological progress and is committed to product innovation. There are eight series and more than 60 varieties of products. Design and production of non-standard products with complete specifications and quality assurance. The lifts and lifting platforms produced comply with national industry standards and are widely used in high-altitude operations and industrial production lines such as indoor and outdoor decoration, workshops, stations, docks, supermarkets, and halls in the construction industry. And downloads between floors; products are sold throughout the country and are well received by customers.

As a machinery manufacturer specializing in hydraulic lifts, lifting platforms, and hydraulic freight elevators, Jinnuo Machinery is committed to providing technical guarantee and high-quality elevator products to the majority of factories and mining enterprises and individual consumers. It has dozens of agents and after-sales service units throughout the country, and has established a huge sales system and a sound after-sales consulting service system. So far, it has developed and improved including mobile scissor lifts, scissor hydraulic freight elevators, hydraulic loading and unloading platforms, lifting stages, fixed hydraulic boarding bridges, mobile boarding bridges, sleeve hydraulic lifts, aluminum alloy lifts, and vehicle-mounted Type hydraulic lifting platform, vehicle-mounted folding arm hydraulic lift, self-propelled hydraulic lift, and rail chain hydraulic lifting platform with industry advanced technology level and production technology. The company's products cover more than 20 varieties and specifications of products in various industries such as medical, health, plant, mining, education, scientific research, and lifting, which can fully meet the various needs of different consumer groups for lifting operations, breaking the foreign hydraulic lift Technology monopoly, and strive to win wide popularity and influence on the international stage.

"A company without innovation is a company without soul; a company without core technology is a company without backbones, and a person without backbones will never stand up." Looking ahead, Jinnuo Machinery will adhere to "self-development and independence "Innovation, own brand, only high-quality products, to be an influential lift in China" development ideas, with the goal of "creating a leading lifting machinery enterprise and achieving Jinan Jinnuo's famous brand" as a contribution to "the lift created in China" More power.

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