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What are the types of home elevators?

First of all, there is no uniform naming according to the type of the hydraulic system, because the different types of home elevators are used, the design specifications are also very different. For example, it is also a home elevator , but its operation types are different. Home elevators are widely used in workshops, workshops, logistics, storage, stations, docks, etc., also known as rail lift freight elevators, hydraulic elevators, hydraulic lift platforms, electric hydraulic lifts, etc. And so on, for carrying people. Another type of home elevator is designed for disadvantaged groups, such as wheelchair lifts. Disabled lifts are also a type of home elevator.

Home elevators are also purely driven by motors. For example, we often see passenger elevators used in residential buildings, offices, shopping malls, etc. This type of elevator and hydraulically driven home elevator are not mostly different in nature, but because of the different lifting control systems. , Are mainly used to carry people or objects to achieve space transport.

With the improvement of people's living standards, more and more customers in the market choose hydraulic and electric home elevators with environmental protection, especially villas, high-end hotels, restaurants and other high-end places. Hydraulic electric home elevators are used. The volume is getting larger and larger, and the design is becoming more and more beautiful, which has won praise from customers.

In our country, the areas where hydraulic home elevators are abundant are Jinan, Shandong and Jiangsu. Among them, Shandong Jinan hydraulic home elevator manufacturers enjoy a good reputation at home and abroad. Because Shandong Jinan is a well-known hometown of hydraulic lifting platform equipment, it is famous for producing a variety of hydraulic lifting machinery and equipment. There are more than a dozen well-known domestic manufacturers of hydraulic home elevators here. In addition, the Jinan region of Shandong should have the largest domestic R & D base and experimental base for hydraulic machinery equipment. The annual export volume of hydraulic home elevators far exceeds all parts of the country.

The above is the description of the common types of hydraulic elevators and hydraulic home elevators, for reference only for friends who need various types of home elevators. Our Jinnuo Home Elevator Factory is located in Shandong Jinan Hydraulic Home Elevator Industrial Park. It is located on National Road 220 and has convenient transportation. Since its establishment, the company has mainly produced various types of hydraulic elevators, freight elevators, home elevators, and boarding bridges for our customers. Provide a full range of services for design, installation, maintenance, and customers are welcome to visit our factory!

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