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What are the types of scissor lifts?

What are the types of scissor lifts? The following editors introduce the types of shear fork lifts? Shear lifts are divided into two categories: mobile shear lifts and fixed shear lifts.

The mobile scissor lift is suitable for various industries such as stations, docks, shopping malls, stadiums, residential properties, airports, repairing street lights and building decoration. The mobile scissor lift is a special-purpose equipment for high-altitude operations. Its scissor-type mechanical structure makes the lifting platform have higher stability after being lifted, a wide operating platform and a higher carrying capacity, which makes the range of aerial work larger, and it is suitable for multiple people to work simultaneously. It makes aerial work more efficient and safer. It is a widely used aerial work lifting equipment. Some scissor lifts have the function of automatic walking. They can walk fast and slowly under different working conditions. Only one person in the air can operate the machine to continuously complete the actions of up and down, forward, backward and steering. When the machine is stopped, the wheels are always braked and can be braked reliably on a 6-degree slope. Large-diameter, ultra-wide, high-quality rubber wheels allow users to effectively protect the ground while increasing braking friction. The mobile scissor lift can be designed and manufactured according to user requirements.

Fixed scissor lifts are also called fixed scissor hydraulic lift freight elevators, which are mainly used for up and down transportation of goods in workshops, warehouses, and various working compartments. The hydraulic system of the fixed scissor lift is provided with anti-fall and overload safety protection devices. Operation buttons can be set on each floor and the work surface of the lift to achieve multi-point control. The fixed scissor lift has a sturdy structure, large load capacity, stable lifting, and simple operation. It is an economical and suitable equipment for cargo transportation. The fixed scissor lift meets all customer needs.

The above is a description of the types of shear fork lifts, for reference only of friends who need shear fork lifts. Our Jinnuo Hydraulic Lift Factory is located in Jinan Hydraulic Aerial Work Platform Industrial Park, Shandong Province, which is located on National Highway 220, with convenient transportation and beautiful environment. The boarding bridge is mainly used to provide customers with a full range of services in design, installation, maintenance, etc. Welcome customers who need to come to the factory to call and inspect!

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