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How to make hydraulic lifting equipment?

How to make hydraulic lifting equipment? When welding hydraulic lifting equipment encounters unqualified welds, we must carefully identify the cause of the unqualified welds and lock the defect location before we can solve the problem. For major unqualified welds, we should carefully analyze the cause of the accident. At the same time, rework measures are proposed. When the high-altitude operation vehicle is repaired, it should be re-inspected according to the original inspection method.

(1) If there are defects on the surface of the electric lift, mechanical elimination method should be adopted.

(2) Defects that need to be repaired by welding shall be repaired in accordance with the repair repair regulations.

(3) Welding joints that are too short in heat treatment time during the welding process and cause the hardness value of the rectangular tube of the truck-mounted elevator to exceed the standard shall be heat-treated again. Instead, it needs to be eliminated and re-soldered.

It is recommended that freshmen use tungsten machine argon arc welding in the welding car lift.The main advantages are:

(1) Excellent protection. The gas protection of argon arc welding replaces the protection of slag. The weld seam is clean and slag-free, which effectively prevents the invasion of harmful gases, and thus obtains an excellent welding joint. It is suitable for various vehicle-mounted elevators. Welding of medium rectangular tubes.

(2) The welding heat is relatively concentrated, which makes the welding deformation and crack tendency less. Maximum guarantee of the toughness of the bearing body.

(3) The operation is very convenient and easy to realize automation.

Here I sincerely hope that the teachers and students who are engaged in elevator welding must strengthen their sense of responsibility, strictly control the quality, identify problems in time, and work hard to correct, so as to ensure the product quality of the machine and make our company better in the fierce competition. Defeated. The technical department of Jinan Jinnuo Lifting Machinery Co., Ltd summarized a few points for the electric welding professionals who need to adjust 5 basic technical parameters when manually welding the hydraulic lift. Please be patient and master the solid skills so that you can be used in the electric lift welding industry. Li is always at the forefront of high quality, invincible in fierce competition, and very high-level products for our customers. The specific scope of adjustment and operation instructions are as follows:

(1) Current: According to the requirements of the actual welding process, such as: the thickness of the rectangular tube, the size of the shaft pin, the diameter of the welding rod, the gap between the welds, etc., and then choose the appropriate current. To ensure the strength and toughness of the load-bearing parts of the electric elevator.

(2) Arc thrust: Welding masters need to master here that when the arc thrust is large, the melting drops will be excessively fast, which will make it difficult to stick the electrode, but if the arc thrust is too large, the phenomenon of spatter will increase, otherwise, the arc's The thrust is small, the weld seam of the car lift will be formed well, but it will give the illusion of a soft arc. Causes sticky electrodes. It is recommended that the thrust is 2-5 divisions when welding.

(3) Welding thrust method: When welding a scissor lift, in most cases, you can choose straight or inclined push. When pushing directly, the arc thrust will be harder, and the splash will also increase. When the thrust is soft, the splash is small.

(4) Starting point of thrust: three options of high, medium and low can be selected during welding operation. It is emphasized here that when the high is selected, the voltage at the beginning of the thrust will be higher and the melting of the arc will be accelerated, which is not suitable for flat welding. Welding We can choose between vertical welding and vertical welding. Of course, in general, medium or low can be selected.

(5) Arc starting current: The current at the start of the arc should be determined according to the actual welding process requirements. If there is no clear requirement that the arc starting current is too large, the arc will be easily induced. It should be noted that the pattern plate on the welding table should not be passed. Large, responsible will easily burn through the checkered plate at the start of the arc. This requires the welding masters to continuously accumulate experience when welding aerial work vehicles to grasp the accurate arc current. The most commonly used CO2 gas shielded welding machine in the production of welding aerial work platforms is explained below for the freshmen who have just entered the elevator welding process.

1. Install the CO2 flow meter on the CO2 gas cylinder. When the welding ambient temperature is low, insert the preheater plug on the meter into the power socket on the panel of the welder, and use the CO2 gas belt to connect the CO2 gas cylinder- The welding machine-welding gun is connected, and the welding work of the electric elevator is started after the circuit is completed.

2. According to the instructions on the nameplate on the welding machine, turn on the power once.

3. It is particularly emphasized here that it is necessary to wear insulated gloves, insulated shoes and stand on the side of the welding machine to close the switch.

4. Turn the position of the breaker switch on the welding machine to the on position. The power indicator on the front panel is on, indicating that the control circuit is on.

5. Tuning method of wire feeder during welding of aerial work vehicle:

(1) First, carefully determine the material and model specifications of the welding wire;

(2) It is also necessary to confirm the model specifications of the wire feed pipe;

(3) Confirm the specifications of the contact tip (the upper end of the contact tip is marked)

(4) Confirm the bending radius of the wire feeding wheel and welding torch of the welding machine (generally R≥180mm)

(5) Install the welding wire reel to determine the tension of the welding rod.

6. Tuning of welding receiving arc parameters: The arc closing voltage knob on the front panel of the power supply can adjust the voltage uniformly, which is usually lower than the primary voltage to ensure that the arc pit is completely filled; thus ensuring the stability of the vehicle-mounted elevator.

7. When the welding machine overheats during the welding process and the under-voltage alarm light is on, wait until the indicator light shows no abnormalities before engaging in the welding operation of the car lift.

8. Frequently check and clean the nozzle of the welding gun in time and check whether the welding nozzle of the welding machine is blocked.

9. After the welding process is completed, the main switch of the carbon dioxide gas shielded welding machine needs to be cut off. (Note: Do not forget to cut off the power once.) Disassemble the welding wire tray and welding machine torch, and clean the construction site of the welding area.

The above is the description of the production of hydraulic lifting equipment, for reference only for friends who need various types of hydraulic lifting equipment. Our Jinnuo Machinery Factory is located in Jinan Bridge Hydraulic Industrial Park, Jinan City, Shandong Province. It is located on National Highway 220, Jinbei Development Zone and has convenient transportation. , Chuancai elevator, mobile unloading platform, hydraulic boarding bridge, lifting limit bar. To provide our customers with a full range of services in design, installation, maintenance, welcome customers in need to visit the factory calls! Consulting hotline: 0531-84224177 13280025939 (Wechat synchronization) ht ht

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