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How does a mobile lift work?

The following is to understand the operating steps of the mobile hydraulic lift. When the operator is using it, he must first check the electrical and hydraulic oil pipes of the lift to ensure that there are no problems. After the inspection, he can work with the mobile lift.

Mobile lift

The mobile hydraulic lift for short (mobile lift) has been inspected and tested and qualified before leaving the factory. Various technical indicators have reached the technical requirements. Please follow the steps below when users use it.

1. Open the outriggers: The outriggers should be fully opened to the baffle position and supported on the ground. If necessary, sleepers can be used to adjust the level through the outrigger screw. Warning: the outriggers are not supported and are strictly prohibited.

2. Inspection: When the lift is used for the first time after long distance transportation or long storage time, the hydraulic oil pipes and electrical appliances should be carefully inspected to ensure that there is no leakage of the hydraulic oil pipe joints and that the electrical circuits are not loose before use.

3. Commissioning: Press the "Lift" control button on the power distribution box below the platform. When it reaches about 2-3 meters, press the "Stop" button on the power distribution box. Check the hydraulic oil pipes. Are there any leaks or scrapes in the joints and electrical circuits to ensure that the vertical height of the elevator can be raised to the maximum height of the mobile elevator? This step must be repeated when the mobile hydraulic lift is used for the first time or when the place of use is changed. Press the "Down" control button on the power distribution box below the hydraulic lift to lower the lift.

4. Lifting operation: After the lift has undergone the test operation in step 3 for 1-3 times, it can confirm that there is no abnormality and can perform the "raising" and "lowering" work.

Mobile lift

Lift load operation

a: When the scissor lift is working, the center of gravity of the cargo should be placed on the center of the work surface. It is forbidden to move the cargo during the "lift" and "fall" of the lift.

b. When the simple lift is carrying people, the movable gate on the workbench must be locked and locked to ensure that personnel and goods fall. It is forbidden to move or shake during the lift.

c. When the mobile hydraulic elevator stops working at a certain height, the "Stop" button on the "quadruple" control handle on the work surface must be pressed to lock the platform to prevent misoperation below.

d. After the operation is completed, the platform will fall back to the original height when the "Down" control button is pressed, press the stop control button, disconnect the power supply connected to the platform, retract the outriggers and properly store the elevator.

e. When the elevator is in use, there are several different control forms according to the different work needs of customers. The operation method is described above, and it is only for reference to the electric up and down control series.

The above is the relevant information about how the mobile lift is operated. I hope that Jinnuo Machinery will introduce you how to operate the mobile lift, so that you will be more comfortable in the operation of the mobile hydraulic lift. Our Jinnuo Hydraulic Lift Factory is located in Jinan Hydraulic Lift Equipment Industrial Park, Shandong Province. It is located on National Road 220, with convenient transportation and beautiful environment. Chuancai elevator, hydraulic boarding bridge is the main, providing customers with a full range of design, installation, maintenance and repair services. Welcome customers who need to come to the factory to call and inspect. : ʟ; ef

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