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What types of elevators are popular now?

What types of elevators are popular now?

Lifts have been hot on the market recently, but many customers are asking which models are most popular in the market now. The following editors will tell you about this issue. From the development situation in recent years, domestic lift companies have given The products we provide are dead and have made great progress compared to the past. Both the material use of the product itself and the choice of production process are actually very good (explanation: excellent, very good), so it is also within a short time. It has been liked and recognized by everyone. But in this process, you need to pay attention to one thing. That is, today's lifts have been divided into many types, and different lifts are suitable for different occasions. Therefore, we must have a sufficient understanding of the confidence in this area, so that we can be sure of when we buy.

What types of elevators are popular in the market today?

Scissor lift

Scissor lifts are actually a relatively common type in our lives, and they can be seen in many places. The hydraulic lifting platform can be customized according to user requirements. It is used in high-altitude operations and maintenance of factories, automatic warehouses, parking lots, municipal administration, docks, construction, decoration, logistics, electric power, transportation, petroleum, chemicals, hotels, stadiums, industrial and mining, and enterprises. The lifting platform lifting system is driven by hydraulic pressure, so it is called a hydraulic lifting platform. These types of lifts are generally divided into two types, namely fixed and mobile. Many types of lifts actually include these two aspects. Generally speaking, fixed scissor lifts are mainly used for cargo transportation between the first and second floors, and the height is below five meters. The range of mobile scissor lifts is relatively wide. It can be seen in workshops, factories or docks. The height is generally about 20 meters, and the load capacity is one meal.

Hydraulic boarding bridge

Among the many lift products, hydraulic bridges have a large sales volume, that is, the bridges that we are familiar with, especially with the rise of online shopping, its sales have become better because Generally speaking, this product is used more in the logistics industry. And like the scissor lift, it is also divided into two types: fixed and mobile. From the perspective of load, the two lifts are the same. However, the countertops of the two are different. The fixed type is relatively small, 2 * 2.5 meters, while the mobile type is relatively large, generally 10 * 2.0 meters. They are used to unload the truck. Hydraulic loading bridge is used as a bridge device between forklifts and trucks to facilitate loading and unloading. Maximum dynamic load: 6T, maximum static load: 6T, maximum width: 2M, maximum length: 4M. There are many classifications, generally divided into mobile boarding bridges and fixed boarding bridges. Conventional: solid tires with a length of 11M and a width of 2.1M.

The hydraulic loading bridge is a special auxiliary equipment for fast loading and unloading of goods. Its height adjustment function enables a bridge to be set up between the truck and the cargo platform in the warehouse. Through it, forklifts and other handling vehicles can directly drive into the truck for bulk loading and unloading of goods. Also called loading platform. For most enterprises, the existence of a lift is actually necessary, which will greatly reduce the company's human capital investment in this aspect, and it will help the enterprise to control costs. And the only thing we need to pay attention to is to find out what the specific environment in which we use the lift is, and then choose the product that suits us best.

Aluminum alloy lift

Generally speaking, when units and factories use lifts, they are mainly working at height or transporting goods. But in addition to these places, some halls or large studios also need to use lifts, which are mainly for the needs of the performance and the cleaning and maintenance work in the venue. Generally speaking, at this time, everyone will choose the aluminum alloy elevator, the height of this product can reach 30 meters, but the load is relatively low, about 150 kg, basically all are operated by a single person. Generally speaking, when units and factories use lifts, they are mainly working at height or transporting goods.

Mobile hydraulic unloading platform

The mobile hydraulic loading and unloading platform is a professional auxiliary lifting equipment for fast loading and unloading of goods. It has flexible maneuverability and is suitable for use in various environments. It is an ideal alternative to the fixed loading and unloading platform and boarding bridge. Heavy weight, the platform can be customized according to customer requirements. Its height lifting function and transportation vehicles can be well linked to unload in batches at any location. Only a single person is required to achieve fast loading and unloading of the cargo, greatly improving work efficiency, reducing a large amount of labor, and obtaining greater economic benefits. Good helper for various industrial and mining enterprises, logistics, warehouse loading and unloading.

In addition to these products, in many factories or workshops, rail-type elevators have also developed very well. Its use is mainly for the transportation of goods between multiple floors, so generally it will not be done directly. It is customized according to customer needs. The height is generally about 20 meters, which is very suitable for use in the workshops of many factories.

The above is the description of the common hydraulic lifting equipment on the market, for reference only for friends who need various types of hydraulic lifting equipment. Our Jinnuo Hydraulic Lifting Equipment Factory is located in the Hydraulic Dengqiao Industrial Park, Jinan City, Shandong Province. It is located on National Highway 220, Jinbei Development Zone, and has convenient transportation. Mobile elevators, aluminum alloy elevators, rail-type lifting freight elevators, self-propelled elevators, home elevators, food elevators, mobile unloading platforms, hydraulic boarding bridges, and lifting limit bars. To provide our customers with a full range of services in design, installation, maintenance, welcome customers in need to visit the factory calls! Consultation Hotline: 0531-84224177 13280025939 (Wechat synchronization)

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